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So I’ve not updated the blog as of late. A few reasons why:


1) The Day job has been crazy busy. To many projects, lots of paperwork, lots of running around. Keeping track of what everyone wants and needs is getting headache inducing. Add the fact that they want it *now* with very little warning or headway, and it’s a pain at times.

2) Writing. I finished the second book! Whoot! I’ll be putting a link up to it on the Books page, but I finished it, and it’s up on Amazon!

3) I did the joined book or the two parts! Whoot! It will also be on the books page!

Family vacations have been going on as well.. just busy.

Also, the “combined” book is on Smashwords as well. Trying that as an experiment. I’m even trying the  “set your own price” thing. Which so far has gotten me 8 downloads.. all for free :/

But it’s still readers, right?

But I’ll get back to more regular updates now.

Also, starting rewriting and moving back to a fantasy novel I didn’t finish. I want it done!

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