Wanting to write vs. Needing to write

As some may know (if anyone reads this blog) my Mom was/is a retired English Professor. When I decided to start this writing thing, I actually didn’t tell her until I had a story basically done and ready. Only then did I really talk to her about it, and ask her to do a proofread and feedback. During that phase of things on the first book, I had a few conversations with her about writing in general. My mom is a poet more than a fiction writer, a subject and style of writing I could never get into. To many “rules” for me. I jsut like to write out the stories in my head.

But she asked me once about when I write, how do I make time? I told her I just do it when I can, and sometimes I don’t write for a few days, just because I get so busy and tired. She said something that stuck with me, and I’m starting to see myself. “There may be a time Josh, that you may not want to write, but you NEED to write.”

At the time I didn’t think much of the statement, I’m sure I gave some sort of non committal answer and went from there. But recently I’m starting to feel that. I was at home the other night, and I had already written for a while the day before, but hadn’t really done much that day. I was tired, sore, and kinda grumpy. Tired and sore from playing with the kids in the pool and doing yard work (Side: Seriously, what’s the deal with yard work at 40 making me sore? WTH middle age!)

But I was browsing Netflix, and I realized, I wanted to write. I craved it.

I’d never had that experience.

So Mom, you were right!

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