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My first Vlog.

So I’ve been meaning to do this for quite some time, but I finally got around to creating my first Vlog. My inaugural Vlog is about using Mind Mapping for your characters. I’m not an ‘outliner’ in terms of how I write for the most part, as I reference in the video. I’m what a famous author calls a ‘Gardener’, meaning I have an idea, I plant it and let it grow and change naturally.  Some love the outline bit, and in truth I thought I would as well. However for me it didn’t work, and in fact I felt somewhat limited by the process.

That’s not to say I don’t have any framework. I tend to write a paragraph or two about the story, I create a timeline for it, if needed that is, and then create my character mind maps. I use a free piece of software called ‘Xmind’ that does a great job for me. But here it is, my first ever Vlog, I hope you like it! (Hint, if you do subscribe to the channel, then as I do more you’ll find out.)



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