The story behind Project: Perception

So, I got asked recently, why and how I came up with Project: Perception. Which was kind of an interesting question, as it wasn’t a single event really. When I was much younger, I don’t know exactly what age, in school, I saw the following video.

I loved it. I loved it for several reasons.

1) I thought it was really interesting that that man and women couldn’t “see” anything past their surroundings. They didn’t know anything about it the rest, and probably didn’t care. What they could perceive was for all intensive purposes all there was. Though this wasn’t reality, for them it was.

2) Scale. I love the thought of the sheer scale of the universe. Leaving out questions and beliefs on religion and faith, I find it quite refreshing to know that the self important idiots I’ve run into throughout my life from time to time, are as important to rest of the universe as a spec of dust under my couch is to the planet Jupiter.

The video stuck with me. Every so often once the internet really came to being I’d go find it and watch it. And when I decided to start writing, the idea of Perception came from watching this. The idea that as far as people are concerned, what their senses tell them is all there is to them. I found that fascinating. And with that in mind, I wrote the first part of Project Perception.

The first part (Oversee of One) Is that pretty up front. Jameston can only trust what he sees, feels, hears, smells. His reality is limited, controlled, small. An underground sphere. The second part (Concurrence of Many) Is the same line, writ larger. More people, but again, reality is just what they sense.

There will be a third part at some point, after I finish CANITUS, and a YA book I’ve been thinking about. Why wait? CANITUS is eating all my time and I want it done, and the YA book I promised my daughter I’d write one next. Always keep your promises if you can to your kids! 🙂

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