The Godsfall, the day things changed.

So attached is a short, 5 page story. Everything that happens in BOAFG (Blood of a Fallen God) turns on this event which happened centuries before when the book takes place. The story, Godsfall, tells of that day, when the forces of Palnor, met the forces of the Chalzik Horde.

I made the document mostly to help me set the tone for the world. Since it’s a pivotal moment in the world of Alos, I wanted a clear cut vision of it. Now that BOAFG is out for pre-order, I wanted to share it.

Get the sample **here**.

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  1. Hi Josh, bookfunnel tells me that
    “The download for “The Godsfall” by Joshua C. Cook has expired or is no longer available.
    If you feel this is an error, please contact the author or publisher where you received the link and ask them for a new link or another copy.”
    I’m hoping to read it before the rest of the series.

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