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Regin and Myriam

Regin Hamsand : Explore a character

Regin Hamsand. Everyone’s favorite redeemed smith. Let’s explore Regin Hamsand, his motivations, a bit of backstory that wasn’t in the books as well. When we meet Regin, he’s frankly, an ass. He’s arrogant, very convinced that he’s the answer to every woman’s dream, and more in love with

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The fall of the City in Blue, home of Jinir Yallow

Jinir Yallow : Explore a character

Poor Jinir. Let’s examine a character, who while not the main’ character of the books about Alos, very much has left his imprint. Jinir Yallow. Former Tarn of the City in Blue, then High Prophet of a god he didn’t even want to be associated with. Jinir was

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Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing
self publishing

Traditional Publishing vs. Self-Publishing: Choosing the Right Path.

As a new author, deciding between traditional publishing and self-publishing can be a daunting task. Each path has its own unique set of advantages and challenges. In this blog post, we will compare traditional publishing vs. self-publishing, providing insights into both routes to help you determine which option

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So I did a thing. I made a patreon… Now, if you don’t know, a patreon is a way for people to support people who make creative content, outside of just buying the books, art, watching video’s etc. In return they get things…. Or get access to things.

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Harness the power of artificial intelligence to market your book

Introduction The world of self-publishing has transformed the literary landscape, providing writers with the opportunity to share their stories with readers worldwide. However, with the increasing number of self-published books available, authors face the challenge of effectively marketing their work. Enter artificial intelligence (AI). AI has the potential

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