Scratch that, CANITUS

So, yeah.. I’m a slacker on the blog. I need to do better. Far better.

So if anyone does read this (which is doubtful based on the numbers)I swear to at minimum update this twice a week, and I will start a once a week podcast.

I think. 🙂


Anyways.. the power about the fantasy novel? Forget it. Burn it out of your memory forever and ever. I can’t write fantasy. Which is very strange to me as that’s what I read. That and sci fi. Though I’ve noticed as of late I’m having a hard time getting through most fantasy books. Tastes changing maybe? Who knows.

So Now I’m writing a book called ‘CANITUS’

It’s a thriller/mystery with an IT bent. (IT meaning Information Technology) Which is what I know. At least I think I do. *heh*

Sadly working on the book has been hard. Just when I’m starting to write, that’s when…

1) My kids need me

2) My wife wants to talk.

3) My cell rings about something.

etc etc.

I find the only time I can find most days is at night. And I’m TIRED at night. So its’ been a struggle.

For this book though I story boarded it out, which surprisingly to me has helped some. My first efforts where stream of consciousness books. And looking back I can see where that approach caused the work to suffer. So we will see how this one goes.

On a side note, I’m trying to get Amazon to list the first book for free.. It’s being a pain.

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