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Release day for my next book is here!

Release day for my next book! The days of the year where any writer gets to let something they have spent long hours working on, pouring over, fretting about, and totally getting over absorbed on for some length of time. Release day for me, for this year, is here.

The sequel to Blood of a Fallen God is out. The Anvil of Souls is here. I’ve gone through beta readers, proofreaders, editors. I’ve gone through and paid for multiple different covers, and even spent a week trying to decide how to price the new book.

By the way, pricing a book kinda sucks. At least for me it does. You have this mental argument with yourself, trying to decide if the book is worth that price tag, would it make your readers happy, would it scare away potential readers, etc.

In the end I priced the new book at 3.99. I get 2.74 cents of that by the way. For the eBook at least. 2.74 cents, per sale, for something I spent a good 10 months working on, and poured my own money into making the best story I could. I *THINK* that’s fair. Hopefully readers so as well.

I can always lower it, if I have to. I mean I’d prefer not to, I really would, but we shall see how buyers react. I like many other self-published writers always wonder at something. Buyers will snap up a professionally published book at 8.99 and not blink an eye. But price a self published book (with great reviews mind you!) at 3.99 and you get flack. Lots of flack.

Release day for my next book. It’s nerve wracking. I know I’ll spend most of the weekend checking back at sales figures, launch day reviews (which I have lined up), all of that. But for now, it’s done. I’ll take a few days off, then, off to write book three. yay?

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