Regin and Myriam

Regin Hamsand : Explore a character

Regin Hamsand. Everyone’s favorite redeemed smith. Let’s explore Regin Hamsand, his motivations, a bit of backstory that wasn’t in the books as well. When we meet Regin, he’s frankly, an ass. He’s arrogant, very convinced that he’s the answer to every woman’s dream, and more in love with the trappings of power than being a smith. I want to be clear, Regin **IS** a very good smith. Even at this point, the Smithing Guild of Palnor still needs it’s Guildmasters to be smiths of the highest order. It’s just that Regin, like most of the younger smiths, just over values what being a Guildmaster brings.

One reason Regin is like this is his background. Regin comes from a certain amount of wealth to start with. That started him on the path of thinking that he’s basically better than most people. He’s also very good looking. That advantage has already brought him multiple women before the story even starts. Now, are these women after him strictly because he’s good looking and rich? Probably. And does Regin really care? To me, it doesn’t even occur to him to ask, at least not when we first meet him. Regin’s family are traders. Rich traders. The control the flow of sand and lime to Ture. Boring? Maybe. But since just about every building in Ture since the fall of Amder needs those two ingredients, the money flows in.

Regin’s life is good, up until he get’s stuck with going with Master Jaste Noam right before Regin ascends to Master. Now, Regin doesn’t exactly dislike Jaste, in fact he somewhat respects him, though, he totally doesn’t understand why the man doesn’t act like what Regin thinks a Master should act like. He considers the Reachers below him. He considers testing for potentials, beneath him. So when William Reis comes along (in the guise of Markin Darto) his world view is challenged. Here’s a potential, not even a lowly Apprentice.

Regin’s jealousy and annoyance at this, well.. nobody, will drive him to attempt to turn William over to the High Priest, convinced that Markin is (and rightfully so) from the Reach, not Dernstown. But in his arrogance and overconfidence, Regin needs to understand how High Priest Bracin works. Thrown in the dungeon, he is tortured, beaten, and starved. And in that darkness, he sees his folly. His mistake. Until he is rescued.. by William Reis.

Regin Hamsand becomes a boon companion, a friend, and follower. He chooses to be a new man, and leaves much of his own arrogance and foolish nature behind. William trusts him, likes him. So does his other companions.. Vin Tolin and Myriam VolFar. But it is Myriam that will challenge Regin. For the heart does as it wants, and Regin and Myriam become close. Myriam has ended her relationship with William, feeling betrayed by the revelations that his name, his past, and even his home were all lies. Lies that were needed, she understands, but still, her hurt is great. Regin knows this. He also knows that William still harbors deep feelings for Myriam. And so he is torn. On one hand, Myriam. Before his capture, he’d not have given her a second thought. While attractive, she isn’t like the women before, social climbers and petty. No, she is strong willed, independent, talented.

But on the other is William. The man who arguably saved his life, and is the anointed Forgemaster of Amder. And, William is a friend. A friend he respects, and very much likes. A friend who trusts him.

But… well… you’ll just have to read ‘The Forgemaster Cycle’ and find out 😉

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