So I did a thing. I made a patreon

Now, if you don’t know, a patreon is a way for people to support people who make creative content, outside of just buying the books, art, watching video’s etc. In return they get things…. Or get access to things.

So why did I make a Patreon?

  1. Amazon has been apparently slowly and somewhat silently raising their ‘fees’ for allowing me to sell books on their platform. Which I only just discovered, after making this post.
  2. At the same time, advertising costs have been going up.

So, smaller profit margins, and increased costs. Not a fun thing LOL

So, I made a Patreon, for anyone who wants to kick me 5-10$ a month to help support me as a writer. But I want to be clear, no one is under any obligation to join the Patreon. Nothing will change, and I will continue to make and sell books, and send out newsletters. I’ve even considered starting up my old podcast again. And yes, I had a podcast at one point, ‘The WordForge’.

But anyway, so you may be wondering, what do I get out of becoming a patron?

Well at the 5$ a month level, you get access to new chapters as I write them on whatever I’m working on. These will be rough and unedited and unproofread, but you will get to see them first. Also, I plan on doing more patron centered contests, signed book copies, etc.

For 10$ a month, you get all the above, plus access to rough notes, unreleased background information about characters and places across the books I’ve written, original outlines (so you can see how much things change during the process of writing.) and access to more contests, just for the 10$ range.

Those are the only two tiers so far. I’m open to suggestions for a 15$ tier rewards. I want to stress again, no one is required to join the Patreon, it just gives you another way to support me as a writer.

3 Responses

  1. I had seen Paterons for other authors that I read.
    Since I am a senior and limited funds I cannot do it.
    I read a lot so I have to be careful with my available
    Money. Good idea just am not able to do that t. Good lck

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