Oh Joy..How my lack of patience got the better of me.

So yeah..I published today! Yay!

Then realized, I published the wrong damn version of the story 🙁 *smacks self on the back of the head*

I published the version without the title page, dedication or chapters. Also missing were a few minor edits, and one glaring continuity error.

Moral of the Story:

It’s all well and good to be excited about doing something, but take the time to make sure your doing it right, ya know? Now I have to wait for the book to finish being “published” then I have to unpublish, and then REPUBLISH (If I am understanding Amazon’s processes correctly.) There goes my planned “big reveal.” Patience is Key!

See the only people who really knew I was doing this was my wife (whom I didn’t tell for months) and my Mom (I enlisted her help with the story, and some editing) and that’s about it. Part of me is scared to death to even tell anyone. It’s not that I’m afraid of failure, I think I’m more afraid of success. Which I’m sure says something deep and meaningful about my psyche, but I’ve never had any desire to delve into it.

Anyways.. now to wait for Amazon to finish

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