Now, all is correct eBook wise

So, I’ve fixed the eBook on Amazon. All is working and good to go. Finally have the correct version up, with the right edits. Still kicking myself for that one. Also, I’ve “announced” via my personal facebook page and my ye old twitter account (that I have barely ever used) that I’ve done this and taken this step.

So, I’ve heard of, but not seen, sites out there that you can submit a story to for review? For free, honest upfront reviews.. Can anyone point me in that direction? It’s a short story, a pretty easy read over all. But all feedback is good feedback, (and least I hope so.) I’d really like to get eyes on.

I’ve had some family and friends either get the book, or say they will be “soon” but I’d love other feedback, as much as possible. So if anyone has a site to share for review services (not pay for review, I don’t play that game.) Let me know.

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