New Year, New Cover, New Blurb

So.. it’s 2020. 2019 proved to be an interesting year for me in terms of writing. I finally made a book that seems to sell well, though not a blockbuster (yet!) and I want more…

One thing that was bothering me about the book, well several things actually.

  1. The typography. It never seemed to fit right., so I needed a new cover.
  2. The blurb didn’t seem to fit right.
  3. A few reports still of grammar and word spelling issues that I couldn’t seem to find.

So, I set out to fix them.

I got a new blurb done, with input from others. I’m pretty happy with it now. I signed up for a service to help find those tiny errors I couldn’t track down, and I should get the results of that soon. Thanks authorsxp.com! Side note, if your a writer, really, check them out. Amy is a FANTASTIC person, and tries hard to make sure your happy and they deliver what they can. And unlike a lot of other services for indie authors, you don’t feel like your getting fleeced for your marketing budget!

And finally.. a New Cover. Now I didn’t change the image at all. I did consider it, but I think it still works well. But the cover badly needed new typography. So, without further ado, here’s the ‘new cover’ for Blood of a Fallen God.

Blood of a Fallen God

Snazzy, right? Love the new cover, and it hits the right notes for an epic dark fantasy novel.

In other news: Working on the sequel to the above, and working on several other ideas and books. My goal for 2020 is to get 3-5 books done this year, new books. And re-release Bridgebreaker to go along with Bridgefinders. I’ve thought about new covers for both of those books as well, but haven’t made any decisions. But I’m beyond happy for the new cover for Blood of a Fallen God.

Happy New Year!

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