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I’m working on a new series, this time a fantasy novel. I actually started this story first, but got stuck, and started writing the Perception series instead. But now I’ve come back to it, and moving right along on it. I’d like to share the all important “Blurb”, that short description that is supposed to cause prospective readers to say, “Hey that sounds interesting, I want to read it.”



One thousand years ago, the ForgeMasters and the Chosen of Amder, the God of the Forge and Creation gave up their lives to stop the mad God of Rage from destroying the world. Now, the country of Taval faces new challenges and dangers. It’s army, once the pinnacle of all the free countries, has fallen into disrepair. The Priesthood of Amder falters under corrupt leadership. And the remains of fallen avatar of the Rage God, are slowly corrupting the land and it’s peoples. Taval needs help, Taval needs hope, Taval needs a ForgeMaster.

But no new ForgeMasters have been chosen since they fell in battle, and only the Priesthood knows how one becomes a ForgeMaster. William Reis, descendant of the last Chosen of Amder just wants to be a guild trained blacksmith. But Amder has something else in mind…

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