The monster's know what they are doing.

My reference books: Monsters?

It’s time for another ‘My reference books’ post. And my attempt to keep the blog at least somewhat relevant. So what’s this post about? “The Monsters know what they are doing.” book.

Now, you may see that title and wonder, what is he on about? It’s pretty simple. I used to be a fairly active player of RPG’s. And one thing that had always seemed to bother me off and on was the idea that monsters, supposedly intelligent monsters, all had the same strategy. Namely, scream and leap. Wildly attack. No thought given.

This was wrong, and apprently it was wrong to others. Many years later I came across this. I haven’t seen the YouTube vids, or read this guy’s website. But I love the book. It’s a great resource for me when writing. How would that creature fight? Would that group do things this way? Nothing is set in stone of course, but I find this reference book helps me get my head into what’s going on around me. What the options are. What the monsters, or people, or whatever would do in battle.

This helps me write better and more believable action sequences. So I hit this reference book up often. There’s apparently a second book either out or about to come out. But I keep coming back to this book for help getting my mind wrapped around what tactics any battle I write might use.

So, this reference book, The monsters know what they are doing, is great. I use other reference books for things like character emotions, or help with making a villain bad (or worse than bad.) but when it comes to action? This is one I go to every time.

Next post won’t be a reference book post.. I’ll have a surprise for those who actually read this blog (if anyone does.. LOL)

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