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Marketing Busts

Marketing Busts, 101 class.

So back when I launched Bridgefinders  at the beginning of the month I had a post about what kinds of marketing I was going to do for it. You can read that post here.

So it’s been a few weeks, and I’m here to give a preliminary report on how things are going and if things were worth it.

Marketing is hard. I’m not a natural salesman, and a bit introverted overall. I don’t go out and sell.. well. Marketing things seems overly complicated, and messy mesh of things, hence the gears image.

But here we go with my early, preliminary report.

  1. Facebook ads – Not worth it, at least for now. Low click through rates. On top of it, the service I mentioned, authorRise, went under literally a day before I launched the book, so I had to do it on my own, and that didn’t go super well. Maybe when I have more reviews (more on that later) I’ll try again. Maybe.
  2. theBookPromoter – Well they are doing what they said, tons of tweets about the book. Tons. I can’t however realistically say however that I’m getting many or any sales out of it. But they are promoting it. Worth the cost? Dunno, jury is out.
  3. Targeted traffic – Total bust. Haven’t gotten nearly the volume of reviews I needed to for this to help at all.
  4. Picking the right genres – This actually worked. Now what I picked were kind of niche, but I’m in the top ten on two different kindle keywords. Just that those keywords aren’t high volume. But this is still progress, so I rate this one a yes!
  5. Bookmarks – Jury is out. I have them, but I had this idea for a bookmark exchange. Meaning you send me some bookmarks I’ll send you some of mine and distribute in different towns and cities, but no interest. Well that’s not totally true.. I have heard interest but no one actually wanting to you know, do it. *frustration*


One thing I didn’t mention, I did an Amazon giveaway, and it got me 500 followers of my Amazon author page, which hopefully is helpful.  We shall see. 🙂

Reviews: I’ve harped on it, and will continue, but reviews count for a hella lot. Getting enough reviews to really show people like what you’ve done and created is to be honest, hard. It’s why I think the Facebook ads were a bust, and why I won’t even mess with Amazon ads. Until i get more reviews, it’s not worth the headache.

But there you go, prelim report, and sadly not an overly great one. Going to think on it some more, and see what else I can come up with.

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