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Been a bit since I updated the blog, so here is an update. My ‘blog guilt’ got the better of me. Life’s been busy since the last update. Life in general has been busy to be honest. This time of year is always busy, since everyone other than my wife has birthdays in this season, plus my wedding anniversary, and then the holidays.. etc. AND of course, the launch of ‘Blood of a Fallen God’ and finally getting a grip on book marketing somewhat. Maybe. Kind of.

See what I did there? LOL I’m still kind of unsure about the path I’m taking there, but I am trying to figure it out. Advertising is … not my forte. That being all said, the launch of BOAFG has been the best one I’ve ever done. So that’s awesome! I’ll be happy once I finally start getting the money from the sales though, it takes about 2 months to get paid.. *ouch*

On the Life in General.. just navigating the last year of Middle School for kid #1, and the last year of Elementary School for kid #2. Can’t believe I’m going to have a High Schooler next year living in my house, strange. Lot’s of trips to the land of the Mouse (Disney World) in the past year, and even more to come I’m sure. Now if Disney would stop raising the prices on everything I’d be pretty happy. Or at least my credit card and wallet would be happier.

I can’t thank everyone enough who has helped me with this latest book release, and with advice and pointers for Marketing. It’s been a Godsend. (As opposed to the Godsfall.. totally different thing dear reader.) And apparently BOAFG is pretty popular in the UK and Germany for a self pubbed Fantasy novel. Which I find rather amusing. So all in all.. Life in General? It’s going well.

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