So I got interviewed for a small but active book reviewer site. Which was pretty damn cool honestly. Linkage: https://katherinej1012.wordpress.com/category/professional/


On the writing front: Still using dictation and making good progress. Though the formatting bits leave something to be desired, and I find myself typing dialogue still. So it’s hybridizing a bit. But still progress is progress. I’m still on track to by the end of the month to have the rough draft done of CANITUS. Then need to rewrite, edit, clean up, etc. etc. Then Covers, etc etc. I HOPE to have all that done by the end of February.

I’m also thinking about offering paper copies via Createspace of CANITUS, and if it goes well go back and offer one on Project: Perception. We shall see. I just want to get CANITUS done. I think I’ll work on Forgemaster after that, then the next book in the Perception Series.  Looks to be  busy year!


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