I’m alive!

booktilesSo I’ve been a slacker once more. I haven’t really posted on here, and I’ve been non-busy on twitter as well. But I have my reasons..

  1. I started a new day job. – It’s given me more time to write, and it’s far less stressful.
  2. The new book is turning into a monster.. in length. It’s flowing well, I know where and how I’m taking everyone and everything, but it’s a long write.
  3. This time of year with kids going back to school, birthdays, anniversaries, etc, can be a real pain to get some stuff done.


But I’ll be the first to say I have slacked when it comes to the social media aspects of being a part time writer. I’m not big on self-promotion, which is something I need to work on. I”ll say this, I’m going to try again to make a blog post at least once a week, and to push myself to finish the book by the end of November. At least the first draft. That gives me all of December to edit, and rewrite, get feedback, etc.

The new book, for those who don’t know, is a YA Sci Fi novel. Looks like it will be clocking in around 50-60K words depending. Writing believable and authentic sci-fi has been a fun and interesting challenge. Oddly enough recent sensational news stories are reflecting a part of my main storyline, which I find vastly amusing. But I’m back, I’m alive, and I haven’t given up on writing.

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