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2021, and goals.

So welcome to 2021. 2020 is over, finally. Oh sure, there are a few last gasps of the last year still on the radar, but we are moving forward. Let’s all hope that this time next year we will look back on 2021 with some fondness. So, 2021, and goals.

For myself, I like to set goals. Not exactly resolutions, but just goals.

Goal #1: At least monthly blog updates.

Goal #2: Get ‘A City in Blue’ out the door.

Goal #3: Get ‘Bridgebuilder’ finished and clean up the other books in that series. It needs work.

Those are my writing goals, other goals exist, but most of them aren’t pertinent to the blog. I do have one thing though. I really want to expand my readership. So the question is what, outside heavy advertising, would that entail? I don’t have the budget for heavy spending on ads anyways.

So if your a reader of mine, and you really enjoy the books, what do YOU think the best answer is? What could I do to increase sales, and readership?

In other news: New covers were done for Anvil of Souls and Blood of a Fallen God. I will be switching all the graphics over to the new stuff on the website here in the next few days (I honestly have to remember how to do it all.) The audiobook for the second book should be out soon as well, so that’s good, audiobooks have actually been selling decently well.

The image above is in fact the new covers for the first two books of the series, a much more cohesive look, I think. The third book will follow the same overall look as well. I’ve found a cover artist as well that’s local, so far so good.

That’s all for now, but stay tuned! More 2021 goals to come

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  1. Your author blurb on this website says you’re currently working on Bridgefinders. That’s pretty old news, haha.

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