The Ascendant Path : Soldier

The Ascendant Path book 2

Thrust into a situation he can’t control, Layten and his friends must stick together and survive the crusade… Layten and his friends Hopwell and Wix are somehow still alive, though not anywhere they want to be. After the battle of the Guardians in the House of Knowledge everything Layten thought was upended, as the Priest […]

The Ascendant Path: Scholar

The first book of The Ascendant Path series

When ancient magical secrets threaten the safety of the House of Knowledge, a young scholar finds himself driven to protect it. But are the evil threats coming from the magical south or from within the school?The world of Alos is divided. Generations have passed since the supreme god, Sartum, destroyed the northern City in Blue, […]

The Anvil of Souls

The Anvil of Souls

Gods are hard to beat, even dead ones. Victory! Hard fought, and a close thing, but victory all the same. But why did William feel so horrible about it all? He had with Myriam VolFar brought Amder back to the world. He, William Reis, was made the new Forgemaster of Amder by the God himself. Valnijz’s […]

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