Free eBook for Kindle coming to an end, was it worth it?

So as part of the Amazon select promotion, I put my first book (Shameless plug ) out for free for 5 days. So far..


The Good

1) I’ve had nearly 100 downloads.. that’s pretty good I think considering I’m brand freaking new to the world of ebook self publishing.

2) I’ve netted two additional reviews, both 5 stars! Also pretty good.

3) I’ve used the free time test and track using an affiliate link for the book access.. working well! So that’s good.


The bad

1) I had a hella lot of downloads the first day, then tapered off  a lot. I don’t know if that’s normal or not. But it does worry me.. anyone know?

2) While I didn’t get into this first off to make money, I like most “starting out” authors do on occasion daydream about making a living doing this.. I look at all the free downloads and think.. “Man, that would look good as a check.” Course I’m at 0.99 cents, so it’s not that much money, but still.. LOL

3) I sometimes have felt like I’m forcing the book down peoples throats to try and get eyes on the product. I’m not big on that. I never was a big sales guy.


So.. was the free eBook for kindle worth it?? I don’t know yet. We will see how things go next week when it’s back on the 0.99 cents plan.. If I can get another review of two today, that might help. 😉




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