Dictation time

So, to update.


1) Still a slacker – been writing, but not enough.

2) Went through a very unmotivated time period to write.

3) Going to try something new.

See one of the reasons I write in spurts is getting the things in my head down on paper, things don’t .. flow.. as well they do when I’m thinking them. At times I’ve been known (when alone) to speak it all out loud. It sounds great.. but when I go to type it I forget parts, or it doesn’t flow as well. So I decided to try voice dictation for the PC to finish CANITUS and the other books rattling around in either partial form, or in my head totally.

I’ve been working on training the dictation software to recognize my way of speaking, and going to do it a few more times before I really dive in. The goal is to really push it starting Monday, the 5th. If it goes well I shouldn’t have to many issues with meeting my goal of finishing three books in 2015. And, once i get used to doing it, it may help with my long standing podcasting idea.

Pod casting still bothers me because I *hate* the sound of my voice recorded. I sound like I’m a kid. I’m 40 damn it, not some 17 year old kid. My voice is missing gravity, that weight of age and knowledge. Annoying.

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