Damn I’m a slacker

Ok ok.. I haven’t updated this as I said I would.

My excuses:

1) Work stuff. – My day job got really really busy, and I ended up doing a lot of work from home at night to get stuff done. I’m only partially out of the woods now, but seeing the other end.

2) Sickness – The flu hit our family hard, and I mean hard. My daughter got the flu mist (live vaccine) and came down with the flu.. pretty hard. I got it from her, and then my son got it from me. My wife, didn’t get it at all. I can’t write worth a damn when I’m sick. Still not 100% there either, but better.

3) Podcasting – I’m finding myself nervous about podcasting, I don’t know what to say LOL

4) Lack of progress on the book – Even more annoying, I’m pretty far behind on CANITUS. The same issues as above, and because of that I’m out of the writing ‘habit’ now.


So, I’m going to have to do the timer thing again.. get the groove back. This time I won’t promise anything, I’ll just say I’ll try my damn best.


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