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No, I’m not doing a contest (yet) but I’ve entered one. See, I really like my cover to Bridgefinders. I think it’s awesome. Lets look at it again, shall we?


See, that’s awesome 🙂 So being rightly proud of it, I have entered it in a contest for a Facebook group called ‘Book Viral’. The winner of the contest gets 500$ worth of credit towards book marketing with them. Now, given that they have a pretty nice plan, and it’s not cheap, 500$ would really help. So I entered.

The link is HERE.


All you need to do is click the heart under my book cover, and fill in the form. (Book Name: Bridgefinders, etc.) Now they WILL ask for an email address, and yes they will email you at whatever address you put in. It’s book suggestions really, but if you were to put in something other than your normal address I don’t think it would really matter. So if you read this, a vote for Bridgefinders would be appreciated. And if you click the link and you see a cover you like more, well.. I understand, vote for them! (It pains me to say that.. *heh*)

So what other things are going on in my world besides contests?

Hmm.. The audiobook for Project: Perception is moving along, I’ve joined a review group on Goodreads, and I’m writing. I believe my next post will be about PoV (Point of View) changes, and why/how I do them, as this seems to be a subject of some debate I’ve unknowingly discovered. The Goodreads group is an interesting thing that another author got me started on. You get into a review ‘circle’ and your book is reviewed by 4 people, and you review 4 DIFFERENT peoples book. They can either send you an ARC (Author Review Copy) but I prefer if I can to get the book via Kindle Unlimited. I prefer it for two main reasons, one, it gets the author a tiny bit of money, since Amazon pays them per page read, and it also shows up as a ‘verified’ review, since I downloaded it from Amazon. And since Amazon weights verified reviews a bit differently, it helps.

Being the overly fast reader I am, have torn through and reviewed 2 of my 4 books already since I started, 2 days ago. I’m loving it. Both books I’ve gone through so far have been very good, and I recommend them.

The two books in question are: The Midnight Land: Part 1 and White Serpent, Black Dragon

I’ll post links to the next two when I’m done with them as well.

So that’s it for today, I’d love your vote for my book in the cover contest.

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