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Bridgebreaker cover

Marketing, Bridgebreaker, and Future items

Marketing : It’s complicated. So I did my mega-ultra-super marketing push.. and sold.. 34 units. 34 units at the sale price of 0.99 cents. Which because it was a countdown deal I got 70% of still at least. 🙁 Had a bit of a tail, but not a

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One book

I’m not a Young Adult author.

I alluded to this yesterday, now I’ll explain further. I am not a YA author. There, I said it. And I don’t think I ever will be. Let me break it down a bit more though. I can already hear you  “A good writer should be able to

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First Podcast.. On Mind Mapping

Podcast One is up! Disclaimer: I don’t know anything about podcasting, and it shows. I’m still learning here,so bear with me. I’m sure it will get better as I go along, but for now.. here you go. I’m still working out the kinks with podcasting plugins, etc. I

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The Physical Needs of Writing

So I was going to make this a vlog. I even recorded it, but it’s already been deleted. I have a confession. I HATE seeing myself on video (or pictures). I avoid getting my picture taken like the plague, and so video and I … not anything I

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Writing what I don’t know

So as I explore in this new book, I find myself in both highly familiar areas, and some that are different to me. I know IT, the ins and outs, and the personality types that are involved. I see it day in and day out. I’d say roughly

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