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Making Money as a Writer

So here we go, a post on ‘Making Money as a Writer.’ A subject that seems to come up often, far more than I ever thought it would actually when I began this journey. Let me start by saying of course, when I started this I thought “Oh

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First Draft to Final Product

I hate this part. I sort of hate it really. If you’ve ever written anything like a short story or novella or even an epic, the rush of finishing that first draft is a great one. “Yeah I’m awesome, got my first draft done, whoohoo go me, etc

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So I got interviewed for a small but active book reviewer site. Which was pretty damn cool honestly. Linkage:   On the writing front: Still using dictation and making good progress. Though the formatting bits leave something to be desired, and I find myself typing dialogue still. So

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Damn I’m a slacker

Ok ok.. I haven’t updated this as I said I would. My excuses: 1) Work stuff. – My day job got really really busy, and I ended up doing a lot of work from home at night to get stuff done. I’m only partially out of the woods

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Writing Books

So I’ve not updated the blog as of late. A few reasons why:   1) The Day job has been crazy busy. To many projects, lots of paperwork, lots of running around. Keeping track of what everyone wants and needs is getting headache inducing. Add the fact that

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