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Catch Up time!

Time to play catch up with the blog. Wow..April flew by. Which is weird as most of us, me included are in quarantine/shelter in place/stay home kind of stuff. It’s been a strange ride so far I’ll admit that. Sadly my writing has not been as productive as I’d hoped this month. I sort of didn’t think about a single very important fact. My ‘day job’ is in IT. Everyone is working from home. Which means I’m basically on call… all the time. Which means my schedule for writing and the work of being an author, is screwed up. I don’t write well at night, I’m much more of a daytime writer. I’m way to tired at night, and with kids and the like, I just sort of write off the evenings.

But all that being said, I *am* making progress. Just not as much and not as often as I’d like. But it is what it is. I will say the pandemic has hurt my sales though, kind of badly. Prior to the shelter in place orders I was in the 300$ range every month. Now? 125$ range. Odd. I have some ideas to tweak that, and we will see how they go.

Now, the other news was I finally got the ‘new’ cover for Blood of a Fallen God. That being said while I like it, apparently most other people don’t. I even used a few PickFu comparisons and by far people liked the old cover. So I went back to that, and tweaked it for more contrast. Though I do still love the image the cover artist made. I might offer that as a poster.. if I ever get around to doing swag that is. LOL

So that’s the great catch up post for April. I’m shooting for a minimum of a monthly update on the blog, so I made it in just under the wire..

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