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CANITUS – is now live 🙂

Book Blurb:

James Blackwoad loves order, systems, and figuring problems out. His only real problem is dealing with office politics and a Director at his work that seems to have it in for him. But when computer systems start to become infected with a new virus, he is quickly thrown into a world of cyber crime, government agencies, and far more danger than he realizes. What is CANITUS? Who created it? And who is willing to destroy him to protect it?


Who wouldn’t want to read that?

This book was harder to write in many ways. Mostly because of real life issues getting in the way. Work took a whole bunch of extra time this spring, which pushed me back a lot. Also I decided early on that my protag, was in fact a boring git. So I stopped and rewrote him. The good news is I have a new job, not nearly as stressful! And pays better as well. I’m doing some marketing for CANITUS, and then I’ll get busy with the next book, The Rune.

Then I plan on coming back to James Blackwoad, for Blackwoad Book 2. Title to be determined.

You can get CANITUS via my ‘eBooks I’ve written‘ page, just click the picture of the book cover (works for all the books) and it will take you to the Amazon page for it. Happy reading all.

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