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CANITUS, the Next Book, and Life Updates

Well It’s been about a month since I published CANITUS. Some lessons learned, and some good stuff as well.

Lessons Learned:

1) I need to proofread far better, and pay much more attention to what version of things I’m publishing. I uploaded the wrong version to Amazon, which caused a copy with many many grammar and spelling errors to go out. My fault entirely. Sadly due to the way Amazon does things, those people aren’t ever going to get the updated version really. Pain in the Ass honestly.

2) I need to be more patient. I didn’t really wait for a lot of feedback prior to publishing, and I should have.

3) I need to focus more on just solid writing, than creating crazy plot twists.


On a positive side: CANITUS has sold better than my other books, so that’s good. Still not making any real money, but that’s OK. 🙂 Though it kills me to read people complain about ‘only’ making 6 grand this month due to book sales. I think I’d pass out if I made 6 grand a month from selling books, seriously. In other news, my new job is great. I mean really great. Still doing IT work, but stress levels are way down, and I find myself able to actually think about what I’m doing and to plan, instead of just reacting and having to rush off in 1001 different directions. This is an awesome thing for me, considering how the last 2-3 years have been  go go go go. I’m loving the change of pace, and the company as a whole. Getting used to monthly paychecks again, not so much, but I did it before, I can do it again.

And finally.. I’m working on a new book.

With Project: Perception, and CANITUS I was telling stories that were dark, kind of gloomy ‘don’t trust anyone’ kind of stories. Which while fun sometimes, does get a bit broody and dark. The new story is pure sci fi fun. I’m writing a YA Sci Fi book. Yes YA. Or ‘Young Adult’ if you prefer, the current flavor of the month in writing circles. I really just wanted to write something fun, interesting, and non-dark. Something that at the end of the story, you find yourself kind of happy and smiling. I have some ideas about cover art, novel names, etc. but not sharing those at this point. I’m still writing the first draft, so be patient! I will say that this book has surprised me at how easy it’s been to write so far. It’s been fun, which is a nice change of pace considering what a headache CANITUS was to write.

That’s all for now, hopefully it won’t take me another month to write an update!

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