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Busy Month

Busy Month, June. Very busy. It’s summer in Florida. My wife is a teacher so she’s home, the kids are out of school, so it’s trips, going places, doing stuff. This is all good, not complaining at all! However it has made me rather busy, and while I’ve been writing, social media (twitter, Facebook, blog..) have all suffered somewhat. I just haven’t updated things as much as a should have. I was out of town with the family for a week at the beach, which was a blast, but didn’t get anything done writing wise.

But I’m back now and going strong! I’m pretty happy with the sequel to Bridgefinders, at least in terms of a first draft and where it is now. I have it laid out somewhat in my head, though the story has taken me places as I’ve gone along to things I hadn’t planned on, but that’s the life of a Gardener. (Gardener = No Outline, let the story guide you.) On the Marketing front I’ve tried various different things to little success for the most part sadly. I got turned down by Bookbub again, the heavyweight in that area, but I’ll try again sometime, once I get a few more reviews down. I’ve managed to get to 14 so far, should get to 15 before to long. I also got the coolio banner made for free for Bridgefinders that you can see above.

What else is on tap? Hmm…I published an older book of mine, Canitus on Draft 2 Digital as a test. I took it *off* Amazon’s select program, meaning it’s not eligible for KU anymore, but that’s fine. It wasn’t doing anything anyways. Draft 2 Digital puts it on 6 different other eBook sellers, though truthfully, it won’t sell anything there either for the most part. The ugly fact is that Amazon is and will continue to be the gorilla in the room when it comes to eBook sales. No one else even comes close to it. But I figured, why not?

On the positive side, the audiobook stuff! Bridgefinders is still selling OK, got some reviews. People love the story, but aren’t overly happy with the sound production it appears. I also have approved the audio for Project: Perception, read by a gentleman who was my almost choice for Bridgefinders. That should be for sale *soon* I’ll update things when it’s done and ready.

So all in all, things are going well, though I’m a bit behind the curve in some area’s. Updates should happen a bit more often as I move forward from here and now.

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