Thrust into a situation he can’t control, Layten and his friends must stick together and survive the crusade…

Layten and his friends Hopwell and Wix are somehow still alive, though not anywhere they want to be. After the battle of the Guardians in the House of Knowledge everything Layten thought was upended, as the Priest Vilom, the ‘Voice of Sartum’ has started a crusade. A crusade to end the threat of magic, once and for all. The Ascendant Path calls.

With the Houses closed, Layten and his friends are pressed into service in the northern army. From the training grounds to the depths of the southern lands, Layten only has one goal, to survive. For not everything is as simple as it appears, and multiple people are playing a dangerous game. A game that could spell the end for entire races and lands.

The prize? Control over magic itself.

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Excellent follow on to book 1. This book expanded from Layten's admittedly limited POV to more characters and began to reveal the motivations behind the conflict, why Layten is of such interest, and the powers behind the scenes manipulating things on both sides.

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The book had you entertained through out had you entertained through out the story and kept you reading to the end to see what happens next in the series of books.

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