When ancient magical secrets threaten the safety of the House of Knowledge, a young scholar finds himself driven to protect it. But are the evil threats coming from the magical south or from within the school?
The world of Alos is divided. Generations have passed since the supreme god, Sartum, destroyed the northern City in Blue, thus ending the mortal use of magic, or at least that was the plan. In the south, however, magic runs freely among magical creatures, places, and mortals tapping into the power that flows through the land.

Meanwhile, a papermaker’s son named Layten Grayread journeys to the House of Knowledge to begin his life as a scholar. Dedicating his life to his studies, uncovering lost secrets, and learning new ones is all he’s ever wanted. But the road from his parents’ workshop in poor Lowter to his school is treacherous and filled with evil magic. Forced to travel with an Anchor for protection, he is thrust into a world he never knew existed, nor wanted any part in.

When he finally arrives, Layten makes fast friends with two other students, Hopwell and Wix. But when he and his new schoolmates uncover a hidden store of books, they reveal secrets that contradict everything they know about the north. But when the books are stolen by southern rebels, chaos ensues in the House of Knowledge. Vilom, the Voice of Sartum, uses this as an opportunity to destroy the south, a place where mystical creatures and magical beings live and the mystic arts are still practiced openly. Thus, Layten and his friends are forced into service as unwilling soldiers to prevent the invasion.

A plan, hundreds of years in the making, unfolds, threatening to tear all of Alos apart.

Written by award-winning author Joshua C. Cook, The Ascendant Path: Scholar is the first book in his newest YA fantasy series.

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The supporting characters and companions are well written and together they are an interesting group to watch as their journey unfolds.

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How to make a great book involving a young boy on the verge of manhood living in a world of magic? Make it like this. Magic is evil and banned. But how do you protect people from magic?

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