Book Title, Cover Change

So of course the big “news” at the moment in my newly minted writing world, is that I’ve changed the first books title and cover. There were a few good reasons for the changes, all boiling down mostly to the fact that the old title and cover, well.. needed work. The cover idea I had, just didn’t look very good honestly. And the title didn’t work well for the rest of the arc, I needed a better one to fit the arc, and the story better. So in my typical bullet list style…


  • The old cover, looked like crap.
  • The old title, was kinda nonsensical, and hard to remember.
  • I had gotten feedback from multiple people telling me the same things.


So, I changed them. And honestly, I’m really glad I did. I’m a lot , LOT happier with the new title and cover. You can see it here:


Oversee of One? Yes, MUCH better than GHIB-T47.

Cover? Brown and boring vs. a bit more dramatic, more.. moody.

So yeah.. I’m happy with the change.

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