Book Blurb – Blood of a Fallen God

So in between rewrites, edits and trying to figure out what I’m going to do about a cover, I have been working on the book ‘blurb’ for the back of the book, and for it’s Kindle Scout listing, etc.  I always find this hard for some reason, so I’m putting this out and hoping to get some feedback…Book Blurbs are hard!



“Two Gods went to war with each other, and both fell in that war. The death of two Gods changed the world, and allowed for power to be seized, and fate to be changed. Now hundreds of years later, the post Godsfall order is under threat. Forces and people have started down a path that will change the world again, for one simple reason…Gods don’t stay dead forever.

William and Duncan Reis are cousins, and the last two members of the Reis family line. A family line descended from the last Forgemaster, the blessed of Amder, God of the Forge and Creation. A family line that has been watched and kept ignorant of its place, and what it could do by those who crave power more than piety.

Zalkiniv is the near immortal High Priest of Valnijz, the God of Blood and Rage who fell in battle with Amder so many years ago. Seeking only the return of the Blood God, Zalkiniv has worked for centuries to make that one thing happen. A chance discovery has accelerated his plans, and set into motion the possible return of Amder as well.”


I always find doing a  book blurb kind of hard because it’s such a fine line between giving the book away, and yet trying to entice readers to have interest. This is an ‘epic fantasy’ book, long, multiple characters, multiple settings, and several intertwined story lines. Multiple POVs.. all of it.


So, feedback?

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