Blood of a Fallen God cover

Blood of a Fallen God

FINALLY.. Blood of a Fallen God is out.. for pre-sale! And there was much rejoicing. Truly.. much, much rejoicing.

So the first book is now done. Much thanks to my editor, Michael Rowley for all his help, and beta readers, and my family for giving me time to get this thing done. It’s been nearly two years since I last launched a book. I never ever thought it would take me this long, but with writers block, and a complete change in the plot, things took a lot longer. A lot longer.

So now what? Well I’m pushing marketing a lot more than in the past, I’ve been busy doing a hella lot of research on how to market better, run amazon ads better, trying new tricks with things like Reedsy Discovery, thinking about NetGalley, etc. Hopefully they work out. I have also gotten involved with a few more Author Marketing Facebook groups, and gotten good info from them.

But I’m just happy Blood of a Fallen God is done. So, here’s to working on Book 2! Book 2 I hear you think, what’s Book 2? For the longest time I had planned on this being a standalone book. I really wanted it to be one in fact. But somewhere in the story I realized I wanted to explore this world more. And so, Blood of a Fallen God, is in fact Book One of a series I’m calling the ‘Forgemaster Cycle.’

What will happen in Book 2? Well… I can’t say, not yet at least. Maybe after book one launches. When does it launch I hear you ask? Oct 17. I’m giving a lot of time for the ads to run, and *hopefully* for pre-sales to go. So, that’s my major update, so follow the link and get a copy!

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