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Blood of a Fallen God has somehow become my ‘fantasy magnum opus’ in terms of both size and detail. I literally have 33 pages of notes about the world, character relations, and timelines so I can keep everything both clear to me, and much more importantly, clear to the reader. The last thing I want is to fall into what I call the ‘War and Peace’ model of fantasy writing where the reader can never figure out who a character is or why it’s important.

Because of this #BOAFG (My self made Blood of a Fallen God hashtag..) will have a glossary, if only to help make things clear to the reader.  Which of course brings forth a whole new set of thought questions about what do I make sure is in the glossary and what can I safely leave out. Gah!

Anyways, besides the actual story, I should be getting the maps finalized soon. I’ve decided to share ONE of the three maps when that happens. Also, mostly because I want to, I will be doing a daily tweet about a single god in this fantasy world I’ve created. I started today May 11, 2017 with the big bad himself, Valnijz.

But JUST in case someone see’s this and didn’t see that..

Valnijz: The Scaled One, God of Blood and Rage. The Destroyer. One of the two ‘dead’ gods, Valnijz still has a very large cult like religion utterly devoted to him. More like a death-cult than anything else, they seek more than anything to return Valnijz to life for the sole purpose of killing all of those who do not follow him.


Blood of a Fallen God has in many ways stretched me as a writer.  It also has made me realize I owe a thought of apology to writers like George RR Martin and the late Robert Jordan. Epic fantasy takes, more than anything, TIME. And lots of it.  Next post, will cover Amder, the God of Craft and Creation. Maybe the map reveal as well, if it’s ready.

Keep reading, writing and enjoying life!




P.S. If you are looking for something to read… don’t forget the Bridgefinders books!

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