Annoyed, and maybe a bit embarrassed

OK, so I haven’t updated the blog in well.. a long time. A VERY long time. There’s a few reasons…and for my being annoyed.

  1. I got lazy. Yes, the number one reason is the fact is.. I got lazy. I didn’t have anything really interesting to say, so I didn’t say anything.
  2. Rewrites are a pain. Yes, I’m STILL doing rewrites and edits on Blood of a Fallen God. It’s taking forever.
  3. I’m working on creating my own covers again. I was going to pay for a cover for Blood, but… I don’t want to spend the money. LOL

So those are the three reasons I haven’t updated the blog. That’s why I’m a bit embarrassed, because honestly, they aren’t good reasons. They are however NOT why I am annoyed.

Now I found out about this back in early April, .. Amazon Scout.. is no more. Now this really annoyed me. My ‘Master Plan’ for BOAFG (As I’ll call the book for short) was to write it, get it cleaned up, and submit it to Kindle Scout. I really wanted that shot, that CHANCE at getting it published under the Amazon Imprint for Sci-Fi/Fantasy,  47North. Amazon’s publishing contract is a VERY nice one, and very generous to writers. Yes I knew it was a long shot, but hey.. it was nice to have a goal.

However, back in early April, Amazon stopped taking any submissions, and in fact are shuttering the whole thing. Hence, the annoyance.

I don’t blame them in many ways for shuttering it. I did read after the fact that of all the submissions they’d taken over the years, they only picked 238 over 4 years for publication. Those are VERY long odds. But still, I really liked the idea of finding new writers/authors based on what readers think, rather than jumping through the whole agent/publisher fight.

Yes, I’ll continue to self-publish. But I’m HORRIBLE at marketing, and I can’t afford to really pay for it either. So truthfully the end of Kindle Scout is the end of the chance of me really doing this full time… Which I guess.. is ok. Not ideal. Not what I wanted. But, OK.

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