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So, I learned something new today, though in retrospect I really should have known about it before. Not only can you make money off the sale of you book(s) but you can also make money off of being an affiliate for your OWN books.

*smacks head*

Basically, you sign up to be an affiliate, linking to your own products. Then if someone uses your link to buy your book, not only do you get the royalty from the book sale, you can get a kickback via the affiliate link. Which is awesome! Just wish I’d known it before the free week I’m doing now. I’m only using the affiliate link now for my tweets and the like, but man, that would have been useful last week. It’s very easy to sign up to be an affiliate, so that’s good. The plan is once the free week is over with this weekend, do some more twitter marketing and Facebook stuff. I’ve also really got to figure out goodreads, and how to use it without breaking the rules on Amazon Select. That’s really confusing me so far in the game.

So, if your going to be selling eBooks via Amazon, do it with an affiliate link, and get a bit of extra cash!

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