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AI and Faith

Let me start by saying, I’m not scared nor bothered by the idea of AI. In fact I find the idea rather interesting. Though in truth, I doubt we will ever create a true ‘Artificial Intelligence’ ever, and certainly not in my lifetime. I do think we will create some really interesting ways to doing things with neural networks, and pushing the boundaries in how a computer system and software works out a problem. But true artificial life? No.

However, when I was thinking about what to tackle next as a writing project, (Since I’m querying Blood of a Fallen God now) I wanted to explore something a bit different. I don’t consider it horror, but sci fi thriller. Imagine a starship, small unassuming, on that ship, built into that ship, is an AI. This is a new AI, one created by another AI. It’s not connected to us, to humans the way older AI’s are.

This AI discovers religion, faith. What would something like this do? Would it embrace the good? Charity, honesty, selflessness? Or would it turn dark? Would it, not being human, place itself outside the rules for humans, as it’s not one? Would it decide perhaps, that it is more? An angel? Or.. a devil? The crew, trapped onboard, with an AI who has decided it is a devil, or even the devil, above them, to punish them, purify them?

The tentative title, ‘The Stars Burn Cold’ is in the works now. three days or writing, 5894 words done. So far, so good. I think after I finish this I’ll go for something lighter by far, as the dark tones of Blood of a Fallen God, now followed by this book is enough for me for now! I have an idea, just have to explore it more, but that’s for the future. Now, the world of AI, Faith, and outer space calls to me.

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