Reviews for eBooks, how to get them?

One of the more interesting things I’ve run across with this little start to writing and (self) publishing, is I don’t think I truly understood the power of a review. I’ll be honest, I never really left reviews myself, and didn’t ever think about not leaving them, until now. With from what I understand at […]

Free eBook for Kindle coming to an end, was it worth it?

So as part of the Amazon select promotion, I put my first book (Shameless plug out for free for 5 days. So far..   The Good 1) I’ve had nearly 100 downloads.. that’s pretty good I think considering I’m brand freaking new to the world of ebook self publishing. 2) I’ve netted two additional […]

Amazon Affiliate Links

So, I learned something new today, though in retrospect I really should have known about it before. Not only can you make money off the sale of you book(s) but you can also make money off of being an affiliate for your OWN books. *smacks head* Basically, you sign up to be an affiliate, linking […]

First review..

And its actually a good one! And even better the name is not familiar. Lol Im pretty happy. Getting reviews is pretty crucial on amazon, so getting a five star review from someone kinda makes my day.

Perils of my day job

As the blog title says, my day job is being IT manager. One of the weird circumstances of my job is that EVERY time I go out of town, something happens. I’ve had everything from the main fiber loop for the town I live in get back hoed, to email servers crash, a simple server […]