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The Godsfall
Blood of a Fallen God

Blood of a Fallen God

Heroes aren’t born. They are forged.

The life of William Reis was simple. Born a Reacher, he is a good miner, smith, and man. But William harbors a dream, to get into the prestigious and powerful Smithing Guild, a feat no one from his home has ever managed to accomplish. Though no one knows why…

To make his dream real, Will breaks an ancient law, and travels into the Mistlands to steal a shard of a dead god’s blood. A shard that will start a chain reaction of events that will not only shatter Will’s life, but the lives of those connected to him, none more than Duncan, his only living family.

For events are moving to bring about the return of a god long dead, and only William can complete the impossible task he has been set upon. He must find a way to stop not only those who stand in his way, as well as his own doubts and fears. For William Reis must become a figure out of legend, he must become a Forgemaster.

Blood of a Fallen God is a story of dead gods, blood curses, the corruption of power, and what we will do to save the lives of those we love. You are called to explore the world of the Forgemasters.

About the author

My name is Joshua C. Cook, and I’m embarking on new chapter in life. Namely, writing and self publishing sci-fi and fantasy eBooks. I’m not limiting myself to those genre’s, but those do seem to be my particular focus.

Back story: I’ve always been a voracious reader. At various times in my life I’ve read 6-10 books a week. There have been times over the years (I’m 45, so it’s been some years!) I’ve finished a book, and thought “Hmm.. that was.. OK. Not great, but OK.” and thought I could do better. But I never really acted on those thoughts. 5 years ago I decided to start jotting down in a notebook story ideas when I’d have them, which turned out to be semi often, and the most random times. But I still never actually acted on them, it was always a “sometime, someday” sort of project.

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Progress - Upcoming book

The Ascendant Path series is in production. Currently finishing the last book, book five.


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